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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is a world center for research and training in the application of mathematics to biological problems. We are pleased to support the activities of the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics in their efforts to encourage the awareness of the importance of mathematics in biology by declaring April as Math Awareness Month with Mathematics and Biology as the Theme. To celebrate this, we are hosting an event to illustrate the diversity of applications of mathematics to biology that are ongoing at UTK. The event is oriented towards high school students and teachers as well as lower division undergraduates.

Mathematics and Biology Day at UTK will be held April 27, 1999. This will feature a set of brief presentations by distinguished UTK faculty who are some of the world's top experts in mathematical applications to various biological disciplines. These presentations will be held in the Science and Engineering Research Facility on "the Hill" in room 307 starting at 4PM, followed by a reception with refreshments at 5PM.

The event is open to the public at no charge and we encourage those wishing to attend to register by sending an email to Dr. Gross. Parking for those coming from off-campus is available at the University Center Parking Garage on Stadium Drive. Attendees should bring the garage ticket to the event so that it can be stamped and the fee can then be charged directly to the UTK sponsors.

Sponsors of Mathematics and Biology Day at UTK are the Division of Biology , the Department of Mathematics , the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology , and the Institute for Environmental Modeling .

Here is the flyer for Math Awareness Day at UTK

Here is the Press Release for Math Awareness Day at UTK

The Speakers are:

Dr. Suzanne Lenhart Mathematics and AIDS

Dr. Sergey Gavrilets Mathematics and Genetics

Dr. Susan Riechert Mathematics and Spiders

Dr. Thomas Hallam Mathematics and Pollution

Dr. Louis Gross Mathematics and the Everglades


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