Math 151 - Fall 2007 - Assignment2 - Project #2

This assignment requires you to make measurements on yourself twice a day for four days and to submit the results by email to your Teaching Assistant by 5PM on Tuesday August 28. The TA email addresses are: Rachael Miller (Section #7), Tom Lewis (Sections #2,4) , Ellie Abernethy (Sections #3,5) and Erin Bodine (Section #1)

The measurements you are to take are your height (in millimeters) just before you go to sleep at night and just after you wake up in the morning, as well as how many hours of sleep you had that evening. Make these measurements in bare feet, and I suggest that you tape a paper ruler onto a wall that you can stand in front of, and use a book or other flat, hard surface placed on top of your head to determine the height. A ruler you can use is available at In doing this, tape the paper ruler on a wall so the zero edge is below the top of your head, and measure (using another ruler), the height to the zero edge in millimeters. We are most concerned in this set of observations in the difference in heights between evening and morning, not in the precise height (so don't worry if the overall height is not correct to the millimeter).

In compiling your results, use the following format, with spaces between each measurement:
Day number Your 3-digit class ID# Your Gender (1=female,2=male) Your age in years Height at night Hours of sleep Height in morning

So an example result would be:
1 899 1 20 1575 8 1577
2 899 1 20 1574 6 1575
3 899 1 20 1574 7 1577
4 899 1 20 1575 4 1574

Email your data set to your TA as a text file, not in Word, Excel or some other format. You can simply place this in the body of an email message as text.