Math 151 - Fall 2007

Taking the COMPETE (Collegiate Online Math Preparation Exams, Tutorials, & Exercises) PreCalculus Exam

All students are expected to take this on-line exam during the first 2 weeks of class (by September 6). This assessment exam will help to ensure that you are prepared for this course. It is based solely on high-school level material. You are expected to complete the exam with a score of 20 or better (out of 25). If you do not score at this level on your first try, there are tutorials available at the site to assist you. You can then retake the exam. Directions for taking this exam are as follows:
You first need to register on the site. To do this go to
1. Highlight "Web Homework" on the left menu and then click on the Register button.
2. This will bring up a Registration Window. For the School, choose University of Tennessee at Knoxville, type in your name and email address. Do not use your Social Security number or UT student ID for this - use as the first digits 071234 followed by the 3 digit class number you were given on the first day of class and remember that this is your initial password.
3. You should get a page stating that your account has been setup. You now need to Add Math151 as a class. To do this, click the Start button on this acknowledgement of setup (or if you lose this page, just login again to using your email address as your username and your password). Highlight the Add/Drop Classes line on the left menu and then where the Select Class listing is given, go down the list to Math151Fall07 and the section you are registered for. Click request registration.
4. This will allow me to add you to the class. It may take me up to a day to do this electronically. Even before I officially add you though, you can take the Pre-calc exam. To do this, login to, highlight the Assignments menu item on the left, and under the Assignment list that appears under the class name, go down to 199 Pre-Calculus Exam. Click Personal Version and then take the exam, and click Submit. Note that the Exam will likely take you an hour to finish. Before taking the exam, make sure you know the syntax rules for entering math in the exam - examples are available at Calculator Syntax.
5. After you submit the exam, you will be informed which questions you did not answer correctly. There are tutorials available to assist you at this point. To determine the correct tutorial (these are items #101-122 on the Assignment list), see the COMPETE site and go down to Pre-Calculus Diagnostic listing to determine which tutorials might be appropriate for you.

You may find it useful to go over some of the Tutorials first to refresh your memory. Also, you may find it useful to try the 099 Algebra Exam if you are having difficulty remembering basic algebra and the associated tutorials listed as Assignments 001-0025.

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