A quick introduction for Middle School students

This Page is designed to provide a starting point for Bearden Middle School (Knoxville, TN) Science Olympiad participants interested in learning about Surfing the Net. It will be modified throughout the months preceeding the 1998 Competitions. Some Names of things you might find useful to learn about: Archie - Searches for software (mostly) by looking at FTP sites- also friend of Veronica Bookmarks - a file kept on your computer that allows you to save a list of the links you want to be able to go back to. Browser - a type of software that allows one computer to view information on another computer by reading and interpreting its HTML E-mail - Stands for electronic mail, a way of sending messages from one user to another using the Internet FTP - Stands for File Transfer Protocol - predates the WWW and provides a method to transfer large files (particularly for executable codes for software) from one machine to another using the Internet gopher - an early form of the WWW that is now mostly incorporated into the WWW HTML - Hypertext Markup Language - the language that computers on the WWW to read and display files of various types. Internet - The collection of computers all over the world which are connected to each other through electronic means, so that one computer can obtain information from others. Java - a computer programming language that allows the same program to be used on very different types of computers, but produces the same results Link - a page on the WWW that has a name that starts with http:// or gopher:// or ftp:// Lycos - a Robot Netfind - a search engine designed for finding people on the Net Robot - automated computer search programs that index a huge number of WWW sites automatically Search Engine - a computer program accessible via the WWW that allows you to search to find particular information The Net - see Internet The Web - see WWW Veronica - a method to search gophers to find information Viola - and early WWW Browser Webcrawler - a Robot WWW - short for Wide World Web, the network of computers connected to each other by the Internet which use HTML and it's extensions to allow users on one computer to look at information on another computer Yahoo - a subject index for the WWW that is arranged hierarchically, so you can easily search by subjects
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