Some Web Resources Related to High School Biology Teaching

This list collected for the June 2001 High School Teachers Workshop at the Society for the Study of Evolution Annual Meeting

TE-MAT database. This site was developed to support professional development providers as they design and implement programs for pre-service and in-service K - 12 mathematics and science teachers.
  • TE-MAT database.
    National Association of Biology Teachers
  • NABT
    Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, is a nonprofit organization that develops science curricula for grades K-college and provides professional development opportunities for science teachers at all levels.
  • BSCS
    Project 2061 is the long-term initiative of the American Association for the Advancement of Science working to reform K-12 science, mathematics, and technology education nationwide.
  • Project 2061
    BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium actively supports educators interested in the reform of undergraduate biology and engages in the collaborative development of curricula. They produce a comprehensive collection of biology simulations, databases, and tools to construct learning environments where students are able to engage in activities like those of practicing scientists.
  • The BioQUEST Library V of many modules for Biology Education
    Project Kaleidoscope is an informal national alliance of individuals, institutions, and organizations committed to strengthening undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education.
  • PKAL
    EcoBeakerHS is a sophisticated simulation program for teaching ecology, conservation biology, and evolution in middle and high schools.
  • EcoBeaker High School
    Populus - simulations to teach population biology, available as Java programs for Windows machines.
  • Populus
    Ecological Society of America education pages including Experiments to Teach Ecology.
  • Ecological EdWeb
    Library of resources on microbiology maintained by the American Society for Microbiology.
  • Microbeworld
    Collection of peer-reviewed visual & curriculum resources, articles and reviews produced by the American Society for Microbiology.
  • Microbe Library
    K-12 education materials from the American Physiological Society
  • Physiology education
    Draft collection of general biology modules for improving the quantitative skills of undergraduate biology students
  • Supported by NSF DUE-9752339, composed by Susan Harrell, Monica Beals and Louis Gross
    Pages devoted to General Biology Education
  • Links to Various General Biology Resources
    Richard Hake's Guide to Biology Resources from Indiana University (PDF File)
  • Research, Development, and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Web Guide for Non-Biologists
    Learning and Teaching Support Network from the UK - a great collection of material and award winning web sites in biology.
  • LTSN Site

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