Resources for Mathematics Education for Biology Students

The resources collected here, with assistance from the Education Committee of the Society for Mathematical Biology , are an extension of the Quantitative Curriculum for Life Science Students project, which is being expanded with support from the National Science Foundation under Grant DUE-9752339 to develop quantitative resources within General Biology courses. Additional resources are available through The Mathematics Archives for The Life Sciences.

WWW Resources for Mathematics Training for Biology students

Biocalculus from Mike Mesterton-Gibbons at Florida State University
  • Biocalculus with Mathematica
    Interdisciplinary Student Projects for Calculus from Rockhurst College
  • Projects page including biology examples
    Synergistic Learning in Biology and Statistics from Trinity University
  • Biology examples
    Quantitative Biology Laboratories Project at Utah State Univesity
  • Example biology labs for several courses
    BioQuest Curriculum Consortium
  • The BioQUEST Library V of many modules for Biology Education
    Mathematical Modules in Biology and Chemistry
  • Example modules from Meghan Burke and Sean Ellermeyer at Kennesaw State University
    A Course in Mathematical Biology at the University of Montana
  • Outline for Course using Leah Edelstein-Keshet's Text
    Biomathematics from University of British Columbia from Sally Otto
  • Course Outline, Lecture Notes - Based around Alan Hasting's Text on Population Biology
    Mathematical Biology from University of South Carolina from Matt Miller and Dave Wethey
  • Course Outline, Notes, Maple Worksheets, and Projects
    Mathematical Ecology at University of Tennessee from Mark Kot
  • Course Outline, Lecture Notes for this Graduate-level course
    Bioinformatics Courses on the Web Listing
  • Compiled at Rockefeller University
    Biology Education Software FAQ
  • Compiled by Eli Meir
    Draft collection of general biology modules for improving the quantitative skills of undergraduate biology students
  • Supported by NSF DUE-9752339, composed by Susan Harrell, Monica Beals and Louis Gross
    Pages devoted to General Biology Education
  • Links to Various General Biology Resources
    Richard Hake's Guide to Biology Resources from Indiana University (PDF File)
  • Research, Development, and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Web Guide for Non-Biologists

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