Maple V Site License

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Supported by College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, Science Alliance, Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science, Department of Chemistry, Division of Biological Science, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Science, EE Systems Laboratory in Electrical Engineering, and the UTK Office of Research

This site license was established to aid in classroom teaching, in-class projects, and out-of-class assignments in mathematics, science and engineering classes, as well as provide a flexible package of mathematical tools for research projects. The proposal which generated support for this project is given below, detailing the educational and research justifications, and comparing alternative packages. This site license allows use of the Maple V package on any university-owned computer based at the Knoxville campus. Additionally, full-time faculty and staff may install the package on their personally-owned computers for use in relation to the University responsibilities. This site license does not allow students, including graduate students who are part-time employees of UTK, to install the software on their personal machines. However, students of course may use the software on any university-owned computer on campus. Obtaining the software: To obtain Maple V you must complete a registration form (see below), and contact the coordinator for your unit. The above units which contributed to the purchase are being given first priority in installing the software - one coordinator is available in each unit. The registration form is to be e-mailed to the coordinator for your unit with a copy to either Winston Holmes,, (if you are based in Engineering) or Dr. Harry Row,, (if you are based in Arts and Sciences). Maple versions for Windows (Current version is Release 4) and for Macintosh (Current version is Release 3) should be obtained from your department coordinator. Maple versions for UNIX and LINUX should be obtianed directly from Winston Holmes or Harry Row.