Math 151 - Fall 2003 - Initial Notes to Students

  • 1. This is a hard course. In many respects it is more difficult that the science/engineering calculus sequence (Math 141-2) since it covers a wider variety of mathematical topics, is coupled to real data, and involves the use of the computer in ways you likely have not yet encountered (e.g. for elementary programming).
  • 2. Despite the fact that the course is hard, it has been specifically designed for life science students, will include many more biological examples than Math 141-2 or other Math courses, and will introduce you to quantitative concepts not covered in these other math courses that you should find useful in biology courses.
  • 3. Regarding the computer, there is no presumption that you have any experience beyond word-processing - we will provide handouts to guide you in the use of the main computer package (Matlab) we will use. It will take time to get used to these, but we will provide samples of how to do all computer assignments.
  • 4. For portions of this course we will not be following the textbook so it is important that you attend class regularly.