Math 152 - Spring 2004

Mathematics for the Life Sciences

Sample Exam 1 - answers on page 3 (PDF File)

Extra Credit Opportunity to Increase Score on Exam 1 Due Tuesday Feb. 24

Sample Exam 2 (PDF File)

Sample Exam 2 Answers (PDF File)

Special Help Session for Exam 2 - Monday March 15 at 6:30PM in the Lecture Hall - we may move elsewhere if it is locked or busy.

Sample Exam 3 (PDF File)

Sample Exam 3 Answers (PDF File)

Regarding Exam 3, we will go over any questions in class on Monday April 12 and if the class desires, I will hold an additional help session at 6:30PM that day in the Lecture Hall.

Regarding Maple projects, as I announced in class, students are offered two options: (1) Those who wish to may use Maple to carry out all the problems in Exam 3 and turn this in to count towards the percentage of the course grade for Maple projects; or (2) students may opt to have the percentage of the course grade originally assigned to computer projects allocated proportionately to other course components. In the latter case, only the quizes, semester exams, and final exam will be considered in calculating your final course grade. If you opt for (1), the project must be turned in by the last day of classes (April 28)

Sample Final Exam - page 1 (PDF File)

Sample Final Exam - page 2 (PDF File)

Sample Final Exam - page 3 (PDF File)

Special Help Session for Final Exam - Sunday May 2 at 3PM in Ayres Hall Room 125 - note that the building is generally locked, but I will try to keep the door close to this (right hand door as you face Ayres from the Parking lot) open - knock on it if it is locked.

Final Course Grades are posted (as of May 6 at 7PM) outside Science and Engineering 639 (Dr. Gross' office). Questions about grade calculation should be directed to Dr. Gross, not the Teaching Assistants. Have a great summer!

Mathematics in Biology (Science On-Line Page)


Assignment1 (Due Jan. 13)
Assignment2 (Due Jan. 20)
Assignment3 (Due Jan. 27)
Assignment4 (Due Feb. 3)
Assignment5 (Due Feb. 3)
Assignment6 (Due Feb. 10)
Assignment7 (Due Feb. 17)
Assignment8 (Due Feb. 17)
Assignment9 (Due Feb. 24)
Assignment10 (Due Feb. 24)
Assignment11 (Due March 16)
Assignment12 (Due March 16)
Assignment13 (Due March 23)
Assignment14 (Due March 23)
Assignment15 (Due March 23)
Assignment16 (Due March 30)
Assignment17 (Due March 30)
Assignment18 (Due April 6)
Assignment19 (Due April 6)
Assignment20 (Due April 20)
Assignment21 (Due April 20)
Assignment22 (Due April 27 - Note there will not be an in-class quiz this day)
Assignment23 (Due April 27 - Note there will not be an in-class quiz this day)


Quick Intro to Maple (Maple Worksheet)
Maple Intro page from UT Engineering College (Web page)
Maple Home Page - Student Center (Web page)
Maple applications in Biology from Waterloo Maple (Web page)
Matt Miller's collection of Maple worksheets in biology from Univ of South Carolina (Web page)

Some Lecture notes

Introduction to Calculus in Biology

References cited in lectures

List of papers mentioned in lectures as examples of applications of math to life sciences

Tutorial help

Math Department Tutorial Center Home page
Registration form for UTK Library Workshops including ones on the Web of Science and Biological Abstracts use

Web resources related to mathematics and biology

Society for Mathematical Biology
Modules applying elementary mathematics to various topics in Geberal Biology
Resources for Mathematics Education for Biology Students
UTK Mathematical Life Sciences Page for Education
How does Biology affect Mathematics? (Essay for Mathematics Awareness Month Home Page)
Mathematics and Ecology (Essay for Mathematics Awareness Month Home Page)
Exercises in Data Analysis - use of means, variances, histograms in analyzing body parts, peas in pods, etc. from Joel Levine and Thomas B. Roos at Dartmouth

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